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Launch at b8ta.

An alternative to traditional retail that lets you to grow your business offline.

Customers crave experiences. With b8ta, you can engage with them offline.

b8ta is your platform to market your product or brand offline. Reach new customers, educate, and make an impact through in-person activations.

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  • Reach new customers.

    55 million people are within 15 miles of a b8ta store. Connect with new customers in the real world at top shopping destinations across the country.

  • Create an experience.

    Leverage your retail space to create a brand experience. From launch events to custom activations, your store presence gives you the opportunity opportunity to meet your customer face-to-face.

  • Measure your success.

    We give you data not offered by any other retailer. See live insights into customer engagement and understand dwell time, discoveries, and demos of your product.

Driven by technology.

Understand ROI from the analytics dashboard.

Our dashboard reports on impressions, dwell time, demos, sales, and more. This ensures brands can view, analyze, manage, integrate, and scale.

Customize your POP display.

b8ta’s digital displays allow you to manage your messaging, pricing, product imagery, campaigns, and inventory allocation remotely from a dashboard.

Connect online and offline experiences.

Take advantage of our software add-ons like Store Content Publisher or Experience Manager to list events and allow for appointment bookings.

Understand ROI from the analytics dashboard.Customize your POP display.Connect online and offline experiences.
US map of b8ta locations
b8ta Gatehouse
b8ta Houston
b8ta Hudson Yards

Located in premier retail spaces.

b8ta stores are in most major U.S. markets with many more coming soon.

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In a world where the red tape and regulations of traditional retail can seem a bit daunting for the strapped startups and lean-driven trendsetters, b8ta has done something really unique in creating an...

Daniel Lalley

Qwerky Toyz
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With b8ta, we were offered an avenue to showcase our unique product so that people could interact with it in that way. The business model that b8ta provides small companies like us makes it very easy...

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Brian MinFounder

NeoLab Convergence
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b8ta has brought a refreshing change to the retail environment. While everyone else says retail is dead, they are proving every day that it is certainly not.

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Stephen DixVP Sales

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We see b8ta being Google’s premier retail destination where we are confident in the customer experience, messaging and overall brand representation across the country.

Retail Marketing Team

You pay a flat, monthly subscription and keep 100% of sales.

what's included

Presence in our store.

Presence in our store.

You'll receive a minimum of two feet of space to merchandise your product out-of-the-box.

Full-service operations.

Full-service operations.

Ship product to our San Jose warehouse—we manage inventory forecasting and store distribution.

Staff training and management.

Staff training and management.

We hire the best, training them to educate customers on your brand, product attributes, and much more.

Personalized retail dashboard.

Personalized retail dashboard.

Upload product information, track product performance, and measure success in one central dashboard.

Exclusive events and programming.

Exclusive events and programming.

Your placement includes access to valuable store space for launch events and creative retail activations.

Full-scale retail experiences.

Full-scale retail experiences.

Opt into store takeovers in our spaces or nationwide activations with our Tour program.

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Join the world’s most innovative brands building retail experiences at b8ta.